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Kelly Jones & Aimie Light:




t: 0402 509 247




4 Responses to “CONTACT”

  1. Cortney said

    I want to tell about two dreams I had recently.
    1st Dream: I enter a dark hall (like a lecture hall) filled with people. I can hear the people and I can feel their fear. There is a spiritual darkness that has taken root in the space and this is the reason for the darkness. I make my way to a seat. I sit there for a while. In my heart, I hear “go to the front.” After some time, I make my way to the front of the lecture hall, feeling my way there. Then I get the urge to sing a song. The song way a Todd Rundgren song called “Love is the Answer.” Here’s what I sang …
    “Light of the world, shine on me
    Love is the answer
    Shine on us all, set us free
    Love is the answer.”

    I kept singing it, over and over again and as I sang, a light began to emanate from my heart and it began to light the area around me. And then I encouraged others in the room to sing with me. Little by little, each one stood up and began to sing and as they sang, their hearts lit the entire room. The power of the people was so strong. I then sent them out of the room to teach others the song. I stayed behind. The darkness was still there. It was huddled in the corner. I went up to the darkness and I kissed it with all the love in my heart and I left it there.

    2nd dream (it happened about a week later):
    I was in a room filled with people. It was something like a congressional hearing. I had an awareness that the whole world was watching. I was testifying before the powers of the world, the rule makers, the guardians. I spoke to them with the power of a billion lifetimes and said to them…
    “You think you are in control. You believe you have to right to control others but you are mistaken. The people of the world want to be free. The people of the world want to be free. You can kill me. You can hunt me down and murder me but this message will not be stopped. The people of the world will be free. The people of the world are free!”

    As I continued to say, “The people of the world are free,” the crowd joined in and we cheered together, “The people of the world are free.”

    And the powers, they were enraged but powerless against the people of the world.

    I think we need to talk. For about a year now, I have been saying to myself and to others, why to we have to pay to be here? Why do we have to pay taxes. Why are we in debt the moment we are born. This is bullshit and I am not going to take it anymore. I believe in true liberty. This is before I ever found your work on YouTube Kelly. I would like to work with you. Email me if you would like to talk more about this.

  2. AussieGriffin said

    Likewise, my dreams are leading me to… victorious confrontation? Stil, there’s a few examples of liberty in the media. I recomend pop-culture referances if you want to bring people into the idea. As we learn languages, so we use them to communicate. Let me give you a glimpse into a day in the life of a Libertarian society:

    The philosophy of liberty is also touched apon, as in the video that is on the front page:

    Personally, I have been shaddowing your channel for a while and I think I might be able to help with the movie you are making (Thank-you-lack-of-job.) as I have been asked about professional voice-over work. My services are at your request if you care to use the e-mail address on this post.

  3. Liz said

    Hey there,

    Thanks for all the effort you have put into the site, most interesting indeed.

    Have you done any research as to how this all applies in Australia, given that we don’t have a bill of rights and have different laws? From my research so far, it appears that names cannot be made copyright in Australia, but they can be trademarked.

    I was just curious to see if you have done any research about applying these ideas in Australia specifically, or if you could give any suggestions as to where to start?


    Liz xo

    • AussieGriffin said

      If you want to check the Australian constitution, you may do so here:

      As a warning though, the U.K. got rid of the Magna Carta a few years back. (Three or four, as I recall.) You can read on on the history of that document here:

      Skip to the section titled “21st Century Britain” and you;ll see that:
      “According to a poll carried out by YouGov in 2008, 45% of the British public do not know what Magna Carta is.”

      Frankly, there is way more data out there on how to be a sovereign citizen in the U.S.A. than Australia, however if I recall what I’ve heard correctly, you are pretty much done for if you’ve ever collected a single dole check as that takes you from a citizen of your respective state/territory to a citizen of the commonwealth and thusly you can be traded as a slave. (The term slave won’t be used, however the intent would be the same.)

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