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Dear Friends,

You are embarking on a journey that is unique and personal. Everybody who is engaged in the work of taking back their FREEDOM is engaged in the work of becoming a Creator. If you want to get involved with us then create my friends create.

Send us your findings, your stories, your research, your utube clips, your websites, your links, your thoughts, your poetry, your music, your vibration. Build with us a site that addresses all aspects of INALIENABLE RIGHTS and do that by contributing something of yourself. Humanity is in the process of waking up – its a wonderful time to be unlimited. 

We will post everything that we receive that is relevant to the site.

Be the unique entity that you are. Be that and you will be free.

Big Love

Kelly & Aimie


6 Responses to “GET INVOLVED”

  1. david said

    i have seen alot of great documentaries.but estoris agenda is one of my favorties cause it gave me a glance into the future.

  2. Grab a pencil rewrite the ending
    Leave behind your limiting beliefs
    I can change to whatever needs be
    Holding the reigns to my destiny
    No need for pretense the walls are all falling
    Down in your chest you know what feels right
    Logic and reason you trade in for treason
    Open up the sky realization

    Don’t give up oh no
    Not when we’re so close
    Keep alive the warmth you have inside
    I know what I want, I’ve known all along
    The world won’t prove me wrong
    The timing is right
    We’ve gotta keep moving on
    They’re never gonna touch us

  3. linda said


    a sea of schooled FISH

    one by one

    big fish

    ever changing
    ever experiencing
    ever evolving

    we are all big fish
    and yet not FISH at all…
    not persons who are limited by
    the illusion of a small pond,
    the illusion of greater than,
    the illusion of difference
    unaware that in fact there is no pond at all

    IT is not real
    what is real…
    your unlimited potential
    purely divine in nature
    and perfect by design
    supreme creator that you are

    it is your glorious creation
    on this planet
    of this earth
    beloved mother
    that you are
    and she you
    and are we all

    to wander
    to wonder
    roaming this land freely as it is your right
    not governed by the laws of the sea
    not governed at all

    human being
    oh magnificent manifestation
    and free

    to live
    to love
    and to let be
    to become what you already are
    and always were

    and when you find yourself circling
    remember… there are bigger fish to fry

  4. Nicole said

    It is so refreshing to see some person FINALLY tell the truth about who we are and that we are entirely free and not governed by anyone but ourselves. Its time to WAKE UP Australia and start absorbing the truth as your reality.

  5. Kelsi said

    Leaning out the window I see a town of people with trash laying everywhere on the streets and everywhere but the garbage cans. I watch as one by one they walk by as they do every day. And the crowded streets fill up with cars by day and end up empty with people trash-talking and gang-fighting by night.

    The high-end business man walking with strength as his shoulders sway with dignity. And he carries new charts and new ideas just waiting for that new promotion. You could almost smell the eagerness radiating off of his nervous sweaty palms.

    The old bearded man in an old torn jacket, ripped gloves, and a winter hat walks with a drunken limp. He holds a paper bag with a bottle inside filled with the liquor he wastes his life on. His wife?. Well she left him because he would spend all of his money on beer and whiskey. And he spends his time roaming the streets scratching for every little penny. Just to pay the child support and the rent that he can barely keep up with.

    The pretty busty looking young lady walks the streets in her brand new stilettos. Her fish-net stockings all ripped from the guy she was ripped off from beating her. Her bruised arms covered by the hoodie she borrowed from a well-paying customer. And her torn white dress is covered in blood from her broken nose that she just payed for plastic surgery for. How cute.

    The paparazzi click their cameras for the newest and latest people on the scene. That celebrity just broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years and she has a baby 8 months pregnant. And the guy that was on American Idol ended up being a transvestite and no one ever knew about until now. Looking for anyone’s secret life stories just for the money and the cover page. Disgusts me.

    The poor child walks out of the orphanage looking around at the people on the streets searching for mom and dad that abandoned them before they could even open their eyes. The nurses say she was found in a garbage can with the umbilical cord still attached. She hangs her head in misery for her life will never be the same. I feel her pain.

    This world of hate and bitterness that I look down upon every day is not the one that used to be alive, full of excitement and always beating with a constant pulse. Now it is dead and only filled with money hungry people that waste their lives on things that matter the least. Why waste time searching for things too pricey for words when the priceless was waiting at home all along? This is the crippled city. Welcome to your new artificial garbage-filled life. Entertain me.

  6. Tariq said

    Living has been an up and down experience i look at my earthly neighbors and feel so much pain for them.I wish they could awaken also its so beautiful and sweet to learn who you are,its better than all the money in the world.I deal with people who who exist on very low frequencies who put their trust and worship in things unseen and unproven to them.Being rich to me is closing my eyes and letting my vibrations take me from place to place and the thought of death meaning beginning of something new,peace,love,sharing,compassion.I wish that my experiences could enlighten my family but they all look at me like where did i get this from.When everything that i ever shared with my love ones came directly from me.So i hurt for what they dont want.I honestly feel like i am from a diffrent planet im just hear for a moment.Everyone thats around me says that it is something about me which i have always noticed.I knew at a very young age about meditation i just didnt understand what is was and what it meant in my life.I am only interested in reaching the highest level thats possible.I want to learn about the galaxies,stars etc.Nothing else interest me now.I feel like my days are getting short now and i just want my voice to be heard.If i where a celebrity i would be known i dont want to be known like that for being rich is a stronger me.

    Tariq (I hope to hear from anyone who feels my energy)

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