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R.T.S (Return To Sender)

I guess the above expression was originated by some postal service, somewhere.  Its meaning is obvious.  However, in this article, I will introduce you to a perhaps somewhat unusual use of it.  When used this way, it needs to be explained how and why it works.  In the explanation, several seemingly unrelated issues will be brought up.  These are not diversions from the main issue but are essential to understanding it and the underlying phenomena.


The ONLY laws, anywhere, are the un-written laws of the Creator.  They apply equally to everything and everyone in the Universe.  They are ‘built in’ to every living ‘thing’, except, it seems, Man.  Man, supposedly the most ‘intelligent’ of all creation, was given free will and the freedom of choice.

Look what he has done with it!

But of course, there is only a small fraction of the human population who have forced their will on all others, making them their slaves.  These “controllers” managed to con and deceive just about everyone into believing that their words are “law” and over time, made up more and more of them.  Some of these parasites further managed to get most people to believe that they were chosen by God (who else?) to be rulers (“kings”, “queens”, “emperors”, “bishops” etc.) Thus, “they” have the “right” to take what is yours, to administer “justice” (whatever they consider that to be, at their discretion) in the name of God.  They habitually also conduct wars in the name of God.  They even claim that is what God wants!

Further, they have created fancy games like politics and particularly, VOTING.

This gives the gullible, unsuspecting “voter” the impression that he/she is taking part in some important decisions with regard to his/her life and the lives of other human beings.

Thus, these so called authorities; governments give themselves “legitimacy” and justify all their future actions.

The so-called “government”, “authorities” etc. are nothing more than PRIVATE CORPORATIONS, hell-bent to make you part with as much of your money as they possibly can.  Yes, the name of their game can be summed up in a single word.  MONEY!  More to the point, YOUR MONEY!

Any excuse will do.  Since they have very effectively PROGRAMMED just about everyone, the easiest way to do that is by using their made-up, make believe “laws”.

Indeed, that is why ALL the “laws” were created.  Millions of them!

No folks, this is not some fairy tale story by a paranoid lunatic.  Welcome to reality!

Don’t think for a moment that I made it all up.  I have countless of quotes on the subject.  To use someone else’s words, here is the best quote (so far) I have ever come across:

Today’s Freedom Quote: (4/10/2004,

“… Authority has always attracted the lowest elements in the human race. All through history mankind has been bullied by scum. Those who lord it over their fellows and toss commands in every direction and would boss the grass in the meadow about which way to bend in the wind are the most depraved kind of prostitutes. They will submit to any indignity, perform any vile act, do anything to achieve power. … Every government is a parliament of whores. [We pay them to get screwed?]   The trouble is, in a democracy the whores are us.”  — P. J. O’Rourke.

Before I proceed, I must point out that perhaps most readers will have difficulty coming to terms with the very core of this article’s message.

So, let me introduce you to some ‘must read and comprehend’ study material.

PLEASE visit which is perhaps the largest and most comprehensive freedom web site on Internet.  It is in your highest interest to read and study the following articles:

“THE ANATOMY OF SLAVESPEAK”, “THE CONSTITUTION OF NO AUTHORITY” and “THE NATURE OF GOVERNMENT”, preferably in that order. (If you pay attention, you will discover many, many others while there.)  Save them to your computer and read them at least three times to allow the information to sink in and change your internal “programming” and beliefs done by the so-called authorities.

In a highly concentrated form, this is what you will learn:  there is no actual “government”, there is no “authority”, there is no “democracy”, “republic” or “monarchy”, there are no “kings”, “queens” or “emperors”, no “prime ministers”, no “countries”, “states” or “councils” and so on.

AND, there is NO LAW, apart from God’s laws.  Yes, I know this is may be very difficult to accept and that is why it’s so important to read and study the articles mentioned.  We are talking about creating a new paradigm within your existing belief systems.

Instead, there are a small number of individual bandits [“terrocrats” and territorial gangsters, (TG’s for short)] banding together pretending (consciously or not) and perhaps even believing to be ‘special’ and believing to have the ‘right’ to do what they are doing to their fellow humans.

They are (whether they know it or not) all imposters, hoaxers, liars, cheats, con-men, swindlers, tyrants, robbers and murderers!!

It is about time for you all to realize that none of you have ever had any say whatsoever in any “government” decision, law or whatever.  You are slaves and will remain slaves until you are prepared to free your selves.

“Man is free the moment he wants to be.” — Voltaire (1694-1778)

But remember, freedom cannot be re-gained and retained by observers.

Back to the MONEY game.  Apart from the numerous “taxes”, there is another VERY lucrative activity to collect large sums of money: FINES!


Any kind of excuse will do.  The weird part is that none of their so-called “fines” have any basis even in their own “laws.”  Consequently, they are not even “claims” but merely demands for money…. which all legal dictionaries define as:  EXTORTION and FRAUD.

These FABRICATED demands are sent to your mail box.  Your Mail Box is an extension of your own competent court of jurisdiction.’

We all have a ‘competent court of jurisdiction’.  All we need to do is: USE IT!

Consider this: “Common Law”, (supposedly derived from common sense – Natural Law – God’s Law) states that if there indeed was a “crime” committed, there must be a victim, an injured party. And there must be at least two witnesses.

As an example, suppose you have received a “parking fine” from some local “council”.   First of all, WHAT COUNCIL? The one that is not recognized by the “constitution” and twice rejected by referendum?  In constitutional “law”, they don’t exist!


And then there is the “Common Law. Ask your self these questions:

Who was the “victim” of your parking or speeding “crime”??  Who was/is the “injured party”?  What were the “injuries” suffered by the “injured party”??  Where are the two witnesses required under common law??

Remember: only a flesh and blood, living, breathing man or woman can be injured.

“Councils”, “governments”, “countries”, “authorities” etc. are abstract, fictitious, artificial, non-existing entities.  They only exist in people’s imagination…. and in “law”! Consequently, they cannot be “injured.”  Period.


The entire “speeding or parking fine” incident was / is a non-event!

By sending these “fines” to your Mail Box, they are fishing for consent – a contract.

But the “contract” they offer goes only one way.  They want your MONEY and you get nothing in return.  (Except more of the same!)

It is your sovereign right to decide if you want to do business or enter into a contract with them on their terms and conditions.

By Returning To Sender all unsolicited, unwanted offers (mail — without opening them — you are exercising your unalienable, God-given right NOT TO CONTRACT.

It is (in International law) a polite but firm way of saying: “No thank you.  I am not interested in your contract offer.  I don’t want to do business with you.”

Yet another way to look at it:  they make up a “motion” in their “courts” (offices) and send that “motion” to the extension of your ‘competent court of jurisdiction’ — your Mail Box.  (a “motion’ is a request for an “order” of the “court”)

So, when you RTS their demand, you are actually saying: MOTION DENIED!

If all of the above wasn’t enough, you are actually returning mail, which is not yours in the first place.


Have a close look:  the name on that letter you received is not yours.  Allow me to explain.

It is written in ALL CAPITAL letters, which is not your name.  It is your TRADE NAME (STRAW MAN), meaning an artificial person; a “legal” fiction the “government” created especially for you since a flesh and blood, living, breathing man or woman cannot enter into their “law” which (being a fiction itself) is reserved for fictitious entities only.

But, when the ALL CAPS name is spoken, it sounds EXACTLY the same as your true name and if you answer to it, they got you by the proverbial ‘balls.’  You have just consented and contracted with them!  At least that’s what they presume!

But even that is false.  But that’s another story.  To learn more, please read the book:  “Cracking the Code”, 3rd edition.

Back to the action of RTS.  In addition to all of the above, you need to know the following:

When you receive one of their  ‘fabricated demands’, ‘statutory rule’ gives you 28 days to respond.  If you do nothing (ignoring it) they ASSUME that you have received it and consented to it.  However, when they get it back, un-opened, it is a very different story!

Before they somehow manage to serve that fabricated demand on you, NOTHING can proceed.

You are under no legal obligation to accept (sign for) Registered Mail.

‘Process Serving’ (should they be real keen!) can only be done under certain conditions and places.

When approached in person, NEVER respond to your name!  DO NOT engage in conversation, which can be construed as consenting to your name or other details.

NEVER discuss issues or details brought up by the ‘presenter’.

(If you do, you have just consented to and recognized their ‘authority’!)

Let me describe the procedure in detail and explain its effects:

You received a letter.  Even without opening it, you KNOW what’s in it!  If you don’t know who the sender is or it’s not written on the front, it’s reasonably safe to assume it’s from some “government authority.”

DO NOT open it.  On your calendar, mark the day you received it.  Add 24-25 days to that as the day of return so it will be on “their” desk just a day or two before the statutory deadline of 28 days.  This is an important part of the RTS strategy as it will delay and frustrate their process and you gain valuable time.  (It also has a psychological effect on THEM, similar to what THEY use on you.)

Get a LARGE ‘texta’ or permanent marker and use it to strike out your name, address and the ‘bar code.’  Then write 3 LARGE letters – R.T.S – above or next to your name/address area.

This is done in order to prevent them from using the same envelope in the unlikely event of perhaps trying to return it you again.  (They will have to put it in a new envelope.  More work. Bureaucrats DON’T like to do extra work!)

Should they attempt to re-send it, simply repeat the process.

There are only two remaining options left for them to try.

“Registered mail” and “process serving.”

All you need to know about “registered mail” is that you have NO legal obligation whatsoever to accept (sign for) ANYTHING.  Remember:  you have free will so use it!

(Personally, I have a policy not to accept ANY mail unless the senders name and address is displayed.)

When you refuse to accept “registered mail”, the Post Office will return it to the sender.

Investigating this a little further, the following was revealed to me by Post Office staff  that have been working for Australia Post for more than 20 years:

In case there is no name or return address on the back of the “Registered Mail” envelope, the mail is sent to the Head Office and OPENED in order to discover the identity and whereabouts of the sender.  However, according to some I have discussed this point with, this practice is not only irregular but highly ILLEGAL.

Then, the only remaining option for the so-called authorities trying to screw you is to send a ‘process server’ to your door.  These can be police, ‘sheriff’ or a private investigator doubling as a ‘process server.’  All you need to remember is what I described above.  That’s it.  End of story.

For those of you who have already opened their ‘notice / letter of demand’ for whatever reason, just write a brief note (by computer, not by hand!) explaining that the piece of paper you received does not belong to you and that you don’t know what it is about etc., it is not right to keep someone else’s mail and so you are returning it forthwith.

DO NOT put any name, signature, date or ANYTHING else on your note that can be used to identify you!  Remain anonymous.  Then put your ‘letter of demand’ and the envelope it arrived in, and your note, into a NEW envelope and put the name of the sender on it, front and BACK, (as a return address).

This way, it can only be sent to one place (where it came from) and no-one will ever be able to find out who sent it.  In addition, DO NOT PUT A STAMP but write “Postage Paid” where the stamp usually goes.  (Let them pay for it!)  If you want to be real sneaky, drop the letter into a mailbox in a different suburb!

Remember, the method described above can and should be used not only for ‘fines’ but also for ANY and ALL unwanted / unlawful presentments / demands.

Les Banki©®


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