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FINALLY WE HAVE FOUND A SPECIFICALLY AUSTRALIAN SITE DEALING WITH TRAFFIC FINES. It includes a free downloadable report and an ebook / hardbook / dvd for sale – but the resources include the exact letters you need to send off to not pay your fines – and the exact things you have to say (and not say) from the moment you are pulled over. An amazing resource. Check it out:


Speeding Tickets & Fines Are Unlawful! Parking Tickets And Fines Are Unlawful! Credit Card Balances DON’T Have to be Paid! Income Tax Does NOT Have to be Paid! Council tax…Yep You Guessed it! The List Goes On & On! This is NOT a Fantasy, This is a Reality! We Have Been Duped on a Massive Scale & The Following Information Will Free You when The Enormity of This Sinks in!

Common Law and the treasonous government means we do not have to pay their taxes, obey and consent to their traffic laws, their legal system, their monetary system, and their whole fraudulent, deceptive and evil game. We urge you to keep reading with an open mind. This is true and our right!

We came across The Public Defender – – some time ago, and we were intrigued by the information and actions presented. This then lead to some very synchronistic events and information coming our way from some great investigators in regards to the monetary system, contract/commercial & Common Law – The Law of The Land – for more info and a graphic that includes all areas of the globe that currently have Common Law jurisdiction.

Taken from



I have received criticism for helping people get out of traffic tickets. “They are guilty and should be made to pay for their illegal acts.” is the way most have expressed their disapproval. This stems from the false belief that they are guilty simply because some cop gave them a ticket for something which was not a law in the first place but a corporate (municipal) rule, regulation, ordinance or statute which are all “color of law” but NOT law.

The corporate rules, regulations, ordinances and statutes were created for the sole purpose of being able to take money from folks in order to make money for the corporation (state, county, city or town). Remember — they are all for-profit corporations!



Driver’s Licence:

A Driver’s Licence is a good example of a contract between the artificial-person JOHN DOE and the natural-person John Doe, with one major difference. In Statute Law, the name of the CORPORATION is represented by all capital letters JOHN DOE (See Capitalization for this deduction). In Admiralty Law (law of the Sea where the Captain of the ship is king) the military representation for the name is reversed and becomes DOE, JOHN also called the “nom de guerre”, or name of war. This is the style used to refer to the names of the dead soldiers killed during a war (it should be noted that corporations are actually dead entities just as the soldiers are dead). Under military rule (as is the case in Admiralty Law) offenses are usually treated as “absolute”, viz. guilty until proven innocent.

Such is the case with a Driver’s Licence. The Licence is issued to DOE, JOHN and when the natural-person John Doe signs the Driver’s Licence, he agrees (by making a contract) to abide by the Admiralty laws of the Motor Vehicle Act (formerly) and therefore is guilty until proven innocent. This is why traffic tickets are Absolute Liability offenses and very difficult to negate.

In fact any contract in the name of DOE, JOHN is the most restrictive contract with the greatest possible liability for the natural-person party to the contract.

It is not recommended to operate a motor vehicle on the roads without a Driver’s Licence. Although some people are doing this (see the excellent article by George Gordon), we would have chaos everywhere if untrained drivers started operating motor vehicles on the road without training or a licence. This example of the the artificial-person JOHN DOE being the licencee is given to demonstrate the absolute liability nature of driving offenses.

As a matter of correct English Grammar, there are two spellings for Licence (the Noun) and License (the Verb). Please be aware of both spellings and use the correct one to protect the noun/verb forms as you intend them to be used


When the Driver of a Vehicle is involved in an accident, and the Driver states, to a Police Officer or Insurance Agent, that “it was an accident”, he may have just admitted that “it was an intentional collision”, thereby admitting guilt. It may be better to say “it was an unintentional collision” and avoid the use of the word accident. This is because the word accident may have been re-defined to mean something else.

In at least one Province of Canada, the Motor Vehicle Act has re-defined “accident” to mean an “intentional collision” as shown from the following quote:


1 In this Act:
includes an intentional collision;

Here is another example of why it is not a good idea to assume that you know the meaning of everyday words because they may have been re-defined elsewhere in a statute.

“Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law,”
(Preamble – Universal Declaration of Human Rights)



hi :
on tuesday april 18th I was in provincial court in regina. I immediately read this to the judge :
“”Good morning, I am known by the name Gary-Thomas:Clement spelled Capital “G” lower case a, r, y dash Capital T lower case h, o, m, a, s belonging to the family Name, Capital C, lower case l, e, m, e, n, t . I am the Creditor, Author, Agent of the CAPITALIZED ARTIFICIAL PERSON COPYRIGHT TRADEMARK NAME CLAIM autograph of GARY THOMAS CLEMENT and I claim Common Law jurisdiction and seek justice with Equity law remedy.

Look at the Judge as say, “Do you have any claims against me?”

Then turn to the lawyer and say, “Do you have any claims against me?”

For the record of this court, I present my Non Acceptance of Warrants for arrest and I promise to pay your papers of commerce with Government Backed Bonds within the next three months for I will honor your papers of commerce
as I stand in truth with Common Law jurisdiction.

Thank you”

of course the judge”HENNING” and senior crown prosecutor”STOESSER” both tried to talk over Me several times but I just upped My volume for My 4 Witnesses. by Me stating “I claim Common Law jurisdiction” I was now on
equal footing with the JUDGE and He knew it and had to recognize it and in other words He had to do everything I asked of HIM! I got everything I asked for:-) it was an historic day in the courtroom not only for Me but
for EveryOne because now it is on record My fines can be paid lawfully by Me writing up a government backed bond issued by My signature. many of Us now can use My case as precedent when You are seeking to pay off Your
credit card debts, mortgages, lines of credit etc. needless to say I have been smiling an awful lot since tuesday Smile)) many thanks go to Irene Gravenhurst of vancouver and Her very informative workshop, I encourage You
all to attend as You will never regret it.

I was blasting the JUDGE and PROSTITUTER continually, JUDGE HENNING seemed to enjoy it but STOESSER looked like HE was about to have a heart failure. important thing to remember when representing Yourself in court is to always state several times that You are only acting as agent for the CAPATILIZED ARTIFICIAL PERSON … Your STRAWMAN.

Also important to mention I feel that this COURTHOUSE has been getting gifted many many times over the course of the last 4 years.




(taken from “Return To Sender”)

Consider this: “Common Law”, (supposedly derived from common sense – Natural Law – God’s Law) states that if there indeed was a “crime” committed, there must be a victim, an injured party. And there must be at least two witnesses.

As an example, suppose you have received a “parking fine” from some local “council”.   First of all, WHAT COUNCIL? The one that is not recognized by the “constitution” and twice rejected by referendum?  In constitutional “law”, they don’t exist!


And then there is the “Common Law. Ask your self these questions:

Who was the “victim” of your parking or speeding “crime”??  Who was/is the “injured party”?  What were the “injuries” suffered by the “injured party”??  Where are the two witnesses required under common law??

Remember: only a flesh and blood, living, breathing man or woman can be injured.

“Councils”, “governments”, “countries”, “authorities” etc. are abstract, fictitious, artificial, non-existing entities.  They only exist in people’s imagination…. and in “law”! Consequently, they cannot be “injured.”  Period.


The entire “speeding or parking fine” incident was / is a non-event!

By sending these “fines” to your Mail Box, they are fishing for consent – a contract.

But the “contract” they offer goes only one way.  They want your MONEY and you get nothing in return.  (Except more of the same!)

It is your sovereign right to decide if you want to do business or enter into a contract with them on their terms and conditions.

By Returning TSender all unsolicited, unwanted offers (mail — without opening them – you are exercising your unalienable, God-given right NOT TO CONTRACT.

It is (in International law) a polite but firm way of saying: “No thank you.  I am not interested in your contract offer.  I don’t want to do business with you.”

Yet another way to look at it:  they make up a “motion” in their “courts” (offices) and send that “motion” to the extension of your ‘competent court of jurisdiction’ — your Mail Box.  (a “motion’ is a request for an “order” of the “court”)

So, when you RTS their demand, you are actually saying: MOTION DENIED!

If all of the above wasn’t enough, you are actually returning mail, which is not yours in the first place.

Have a close look:  the name on that letter you received is not yours.  Allow me to explain.

It is written in ALL CAPITAL letters, which is not your name.  It is your TRADE NAME (STRAW MAN), meaning an artificial person; a “legal” fiction the “government” created especially for you since a flesh and blood, living, breathing man or woman cannot enter into their “law” which (being a fiction itself) is reserved for fictitious entities only.

But, when the ALL CAPS name is spoken, it sounds EXACTLY the same as your true name and if you answer to it, they got you by the proverbial ‘balls.’  You have just consented and contracted with them!  At least that’s what they presume!

But even that is false.  But that’s another story.  To learn more, please read the book:  “Cracking the Code”, 3rd edition.

Back to the action of RTS.  In addition to all of the above, you need to know the following:

When you receive one of their  ‘fabricated demands’, ‘statutory rule’ gives you 28 days to respond.  If you do nothing (ignoring it) they ASSUME that you have received it and consented to it.  However, when they get it back, un-opened, it is a very different story!

Before they somehow manage to serve that fabricated demand on you, NOTHING can proceed.

You are under no legal obligation to accept (sign for) Registered Mail.

‘Process Serving’ (should they be real keen!) can only be done under certain conditions and places.

When approached in person, NEVER respond to your name!  DO NOT engage in conversation, which can be construed as consenting to your name or other details.

NEVER discuss issues or details brought up by the ‘presenter’.

(If you do, you have just consented to and recognized their ‘authority’!)

Let me describe the procedure in detail and explain its effects:

You received a letter.  Even without opening it, you KNOW what’s in it!  If you don’t know who the sender is or it’s not written on the front, it’s reasonably safe to assume it’s from some “government authority.”

DO NOT open it.  On your calendar, mark the day you received it.  Add 24-25 days to that as the day of return so it will be on “their” desk just a day or two before the statutory deadline of 28 days.  This is an important part of the RTS strategy as it will delay and frustrate their process and you gain valuable time.  (It also has a psychological effect on THEM, similar to what THEY use on you.)

Get a LARGE ‘texta’ or permanent marker and use it to strike out your name, address and the ‘bar code.’  Then write 3 LARGE letters – R.T.S– above or next to your name/address area.

This is done in order to prevent them from using the same envelope in the unlikely event of perhaps trying to return it you again.  (They will have to put it in a new envelope.  More work. Bureaucrats DON’T like to do extra work!)

Should they attempt to re-send it, simply repeat the process.

There are only two remaining options left for them to try.

“Registered mail” and “process serving.”

All you need to know about “registered mail” is that you have NO legal obligation whatsoever to accept (sign for) ANYTHING.  Remember:  you have free will so use it!

(Personally, I have a policy not to accept ANY mail unless the senders name and address is displayed.)

When you refuse to accept “registered mail”, the Post Office will return it to the sender.

Investigating this a little further, the following was revealed to me by Post Office staff  that have been working for Australia Post for more than 20 years:

In case there is no name or return address on the back of the “Registered Mail” envelope, the mail is sent to the Head Office and OPENED in order to discover the identity and whereabouts of the sender.  However, according to some I have discussed this point with, this practice is not only irregular but highly ILLEGAL.

Then, the only remaining option for the so-called authorities trying to screw you is to send a ‘process server’ to your door.  These can be police, ‘sheriff’ or a private investigator doubling as a ‘process server.’  All you need to remember is what I described above.  That’s it.  End of story.

For those of you who have already opened their ‘notice / letter of demand’ for whatever reason, just write a brief note (by computer, not by hand!) explaining that the piece of paper you received does not belong to you and that you don’t know what it is about etc., it is not right to keep someone else’s mail and so you are returning it forthwith.

DO NOT put any name, signature, date or ANYTHING else on your note that can be used to identify you!  Remain anonymous.  Then put your ‘letter of demand’ and the envelope it arrived in, and your note, into a NEW envelope and put the name of the sender on it, front and BACK, (as a return address).

This way, it can only be sent to one place (where it came from) and no-one will ever be able to find out who sent it.  In addition, DO NOT PUT A STAMP but write “Postage Paid” where the stamp usually goes.  (Let them pay for it!)  If you want to be real sneaky, drop the letter into a mailbox in a different suburb!

Remember, the method described above can and should be used not only for ‘fines’ but also for ANY and ALL unwanted / unlawful presentments / demands.

Les Banki©®


4 Responses to “TICKETS & FINES: NO NEED TO PAY”

  1. david said

    thank you thats great information. how do i get my hand on traffic ticket forms

  2. AussieGriffin said

    And an addition bit of Remedy and Recourse:

    That’s right, you have to know what your signing to under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC… see, it’s not a wrestling federation.) and your average judge likes a change of pace once in a while, however they DON’T like people thinking they just have cheat codes for traffic stops. (Behonest, if it’s fun for Grand Theft Auto, it rocks in real life.)

  3. Tariq said


    i have such tickets and fines in new jersey and philadelphia,pa do the law still apply(common law)i tried to appear before a judge in new jersey and they threatened to have me arrested to used a gorrilla tactic on me(intimidation)i was so frustrated.What can i do to let them realize that they cant falsely inprison me?I am so tired of living by their rules.I am going through a time in my life where everything about the world seems dark.I do consider my self a god of the universe and i just want peace and love like i give.Its hard for me to find people who are anything like me.I would love to be able to share some of my experiences with this organization and develop a long term relationship throughout my jorney.


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